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Charley Rich - Musician, Guitarist, Composer

Charley's latest CD is "By Myself" and it can be found at, iTunes or Amazon.

Charley has played in many situations including solo gigs such as opening up the first 20th Century Classic American Guitar Show on Long Island. He spent several years prior to publishing his latest CD By Myself performing and recording with the Long Island group, "Sun, Moon and Stars". 

Recently, Charley has been performing regularly with the group Chameleon

Charley studied privately with Jazz notables Joe Monk and Harry Leahy. At Stony Brook, he focused on composition, studied with Peter Winkler and Richard Dyer-Bennet and then spent a year at Berklee College of Music. After college he played the club scene in NYC, performed for impresario Sid Bernstein, studied classical guitar with Jerry Willard and took a fascinating lesson with Ralph Towner.